Fisher Scientific ISOTEMP Vacuum Oven (Model 281)
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Operating Features:

* Capacity: 0.65 cu. ft. (0.02m3)
* Dial-in temperatures up to 280°C (536°F)
* Maintains 30 in.Hg (762mm) vacuum with less than 1/2 in.Hg (12.7mm) loss per day
* Automatic temperature backup control takes over if the temperature rises more than 5°C
  over setpoint; constancy ±1.0°C at ultimate vacuum; control sensitivity ± 1.0°C; warning  
  light alerts of failure

Cabinet Features:

* Full-view window permits continuous monitoring
* 18-gauge steel cabinet is protected by chemical-resistant enamel with 4 in. thick (10cm)
   fiberglass insulation
* Low-temperature handle and silicone door gasket
* Separate inlet and outlet connectors/controls allow replacement of air with inert gas

Specifications & Ordering Information:

Capacity: 0.67 cu. ft. (0.018m2)
Shelf and floor area: 313 sq. in. (2019cm2)
Chamber: 11.5D x 10W x 10 in.H (29 x 25 x 25cm)
Exterior: 173/4L x 18W x 223/4 in.H (45 x 46 x 58cm)
Shipping weight, 90 lb. (41kg)