Hitachi CD-60 Super Catalytic Decomposition System
The Hitachi SCDS is designed for processing PFC gases used in
semiconductor fabrication.  The system features a 60l/min gas
throughput and decomposition rates of over 99.4% for CF4, C2F6,
CHF3, C3F8, C4F8, NF3, CO and SF6.

The Hitachi SCDS offers superior cost of ownership versus
Capture/Re-cycle; Combustion; or Chemical Conversion
technologies since it uses little electricity, only 1 gpm of water,
and has a catalyst lifetime of more than 4,600 hours. The
SCDS-60 has a footprint of only 37" Wx19.5 " Dx77"H. and is fully
S2-93 and CE compliant.
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