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Download Yes LP6 Oven Features and Specs
  • The YES LP6 HMDS Oven features include:
  •  Microprocessor control of output with input monitoring
  •  Multi-programming capabilities
  •  Process interrupt indicator (‘ABORT’)
  •  Process indicator lights
  •  Cycle complete light and sonalert
  •  Electropolished 316 stainless steel chamber
  •  Internal chamber welds
  •  Two independent overtemperature safety switches
  •   Preheated nitrogen
  •   Front loading HMDS vacuum safe holding one quart size chemical bottle
  •  Clearance for robotic pickup of cassettes
  •  Audible alarm override switch
  •  Nitrogen surge control valve
  •  24 VAC instrumentation
  •  Infrared HMDS level sensor with low level indicator