Zeiss AXIOMAT Microscope
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Zeiss AXIOMAT NAC microscope operates in reflected light with bright field (BF), Nomarski
DIC, and polarization modules.

System includes:

  • Stage module A(R) with 5 dovetail slide rails.
  • Objective module with sextuple revolving nosepiece (LD-Plan 25x, LD-Plan 16x ).
  • EPI Plan APO 50x, and EPI Plan HD 5x.
  • Observation module with binocular tube (Two 10x /25 Br wide-angle eyepieces).
  • 4”x5” / 35mm camera module equipped with CCD camera (monitor).
  • Illuminating equipment.
  • Control unit for focusing and illumination.
  • Main power supply.